Surya Aksh Gas Stove - Top Designer || 3 Burners || Auto Ignition

Looking for a new gas stove for your home kitchen? So you can go with Surya Aksh Gas Stove. This gas stove becomes available in a low budget, which is available on Amazon for an estimated price of Rs 2099.

Aksh Gas Stove would be a better option for those people. Those who want to increase the look and design of their kitchen. Surya Company is one of the trusted companies in India. People buy most of the kitchen appliances of Surya brand, gas stove is one of them.

Key features
  • Auto ignition gas stove, no need for a lighter
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Intelligent cooking for low gas consumption, energy efficiency burner
  • User-Friendly 3-Burner Gas Stove Cooking, Elegant Heat resistant designer toughened glass
  • Compact design to suit your kitchen
  • Surya Kap Gas Stove
The build quality of Aksh gas stove is made from a strong glass top. It is a perfect product for the middle size family. It has 3 burners with large and high flame. It is compact and takes up less space in the kitchen to use. It has 3 pins knobs with a perfect grip.
To support the pan placed on the burner while cooking, pan support has been given. The top has a high heat resistor which can easily withstand high heat. This is a user-friendly gas stove. You do not need any match or lighter and batteries to turn it on.

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